Trade Psyche Coin Using Local Currency through LocalPsyche

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3 min readMay 9, 2021

Trade Psyche Coin Using Local Currency through LocalPsyche

Psyche is all set to accomplish another milestone by launching LocalPsyche (LP) in less than a month. This is surely going to be a great achievement for Psyche to appear in the local marketplace. Now you can buy and sell Psyche coins in your local currency without any charges or fees. The key is to make Psyche Coin more accessible in terms of remittance from any geographical location. So, you can trade and invest in Psyche Coin more conveniently.

What is LocalPsyche?

LocalPsyche is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace for trading Psyche Coins using the currency of your own country. It enables over-the-counter trading for traditional currencies online. The users can post announcements on the website stating the exchange rates and payment methods for buying and selling Psyche Coins. It will accelerate the transaction process, diversify the payment methods, and create a better user experience for the users. Moreover, LP will anticipate the escrow services and trust matrix for all the trading in the most user-friendly way possible.

LP is an open trading platform that will let you deal with buyers and sellers directly. The actual decision will be yours whether you are willing to trade or not. This is completely based on users level of satisfaction. Bring a traditional P2P marketplace, LP will provide you with several payment methods in your region. Sellers are free to choose their payment method from a bank transfer, mobile top-up, fiat, online wallet, etc.

It does not require any commission or transaction costs which is a plus. All the transactions on LP will be under escrow. The trust matric prioritizes users’ flexibility to choose a trader with whom they feel confident about trading Psyche Coin.

Why using LocalPsyche?

The key focus for Psyche is to manage an easy network for payments and remittance transfers. It has used an efficient and effective technology that makes crypto-transaction simple as sending an email. Moving towards the LocalPsyche platform also will make things easier for those who are willing to:

- Buy and sell the stablecoin in your currency.
- Make a profit with the trading.
- Reduce the risk of loss in stablecoin with price fluctuation.
- Build a career in cryptocurrency due to its easily manageable features

LP will be a safer destination for trading Psyche Coin. People from anywhere in this world can take part even if their local banking infrastructure is not supportive enough. Psyche already has an upright effect in the community and positive growth in the DeFi market. This will help to make a good start in LocalPsyche and eventually become successful with your support. Psyche is the first stablecoin to have a dedicated global marketplace.

However, you need to be very cautious during transactions to avoid scams and scammers:

  • Always check the terms of the trade while dealing.
  • Keep your trade inside the LP to avoid fraud.
  • As soon as you paid the amount to the buyer, press the paid button right away.
  • Once the payment is done, the seller cannot cancel the trade.
  • The buyers must wait for the confirmations before making a transaction successful.
  • Actively communicate through the LP platform so that you can have proof in case of a dispute.
  • You must check on the trader’s feedback before trading.
  • Convey honest feedback after the trade has been completed.

Psyche is providing the easiest solution for transferring payment and remittance across the globe. The goal is to ensure security, transparency, freedom, and easy accessibility by reducing cost, time, and complicacy. The improvisation of advanced technology has diminished the fear of using cryptography among common people. This is how the Psyche community is expanding and becoming stronger.

Stepping into the P2P market will be a breakthrough for Psyche. The LocalPsyche platform will make trading easier for everyone. No matter which country or region you belong to, you can partake in trading Psyche Coin and use your local currency for any transaction.

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