Digital currency requires a solution that’s easy like PayPal, fast like Blockchain, trustable like everyday system. There should be a fixed price if they’re being used as currency or payment transactions. Users must know how much to send and how much they expect to receive. A simple process where a grandfather should be able to send money $100.00 USD to his grandson using Blockchain from his cellphone. This is what technology should do. The solution has to streamline the process, intuitive to use, and convenient. The mainstream population will gravitate toward solutions that grant them freedom, comfort, and security in the palm of their hand.

With the RefleX Algorithm, Blockchain and digital currency to be used every day as currency with the same amount of trust and confidence. It’s as easy as sending money by email.

When a person goes to the bank and withdraws money or deposits money in the bank, the cashier doesn’t need to go to the locker every single time there’s a transaction. The banker uses the same cash in hand for all transactions. Then the associate at the bank deposits the money in a safe once the shift is closed. The same method was used to design the Psyche network.

Recently when people were polled and asked to discuss knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency, a woman said, “my husband tried to explain Bitcoin to me and it took five days! If this didn’t break our marriage, nothing can.”

This woman is far from the only one that doesn’t grasp the concept of digital currency, this is the reality for thousands. The use of digital currency as it is projected to take 30 to 40 years to reach impoverished cities in Asia and Africa. If we want people to get their hands on digital technology and currency, we need to make it accessible and simple.

Our pitch is poignant, Psyche is providing an extra step toward convenient and simplicity.


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