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2 min readMar 16, 2021

Hello Everyone
It has been a while and we know that you guys are waiting for the App. So here comes the good news, the App is available in PlayStore and AppStore (Psyche Wallet). To understand the App,

The App is still in Beta. Testing with 100 or 1,000 users is different than thousands of users and different devices and networks, hence, there might be issues or bugs. We recommend using it with caution and if you find any issue, please email us at

To signup for the account, you must need to confirm the email, set the wallet KEY. The KEY must be alphabets, capital, numbers and special characters and no space, following with the KEY which must be 6 numerics.

The App has 2 networks which are RefleX and Ethereum. On the RefleX, the transactions and payments are without any cost. On Ethereum, the gas is required as usual.

You can convert the RefleX coins to ERC20 and vice versa, a gas fee must be required for the said exchange.

To activate the account you need to have the referral code. Using the referral code will give you one RefleX coin free and one coin for the person who shared it. We recommend users share your codes in the group for new users to adopt and you get the free coins as well. Here is the first code pl0e70.

Staking is also available in the App but we are still working on that until further notice please don’t use that part. We will keep you posted with the update on that particular part.

All the bounty hunters, please make your accounts on the App and wait for the other announcement to receive your bounty. The bounty reward will be given on the RefleX network and there is no gas fee.

If one would like to receive the reward in ERC20 tokens, they need to pay the gas as mentioned previously. Certainly, the choice is yours.

We are humble with the received support and looking forward to building a stronger community.

Thanks and regards.
Psyche Team.



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