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Únase y aproveche la próxima novedad en finanzas descentralizadas

Con el advenimiento de la digitalización y la tecnología en general, estamos a punto de experimentar una nueva era que beneficiará y brindará principalmente nuevas perspectivas para la vida humana.

Una revolución que ocurrió en las últimas dos décadas es el Bitcoin. No hay quizá una sola persona en la Tierra que nunca haya oído hablar de la primera criptomoneda establecida en 2008 por un grupo imaginario de personas conocido con el seudónimo de Satoshi Nakamoto. Y a decir verdad, muchos todavía se preguntan cómo funciona todo el sistema de criptomonedas.

La tecnología necesaria para que Bitcoin impacte en todo el sistema económico es blockchain, una base de datos de contabilidad que en línea sigue cada transacción que haya ocurrido durante el uso de una criptomoneda en particular. …

Join and Take Advantage of the Upcoming Novelty in Decentralized Finance

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With the advent of digitalization and technology overall, we are about to experience the upcoming era, which will mainly benefit and provide human living prospects.

One revolution that occurred in the last decade or two is Bitcoin. There is no single person on Earth who never heard of the first cryptocurrency established in 2008 by the imaginary group of people known by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, many are still asking themselves how the whole cryptocurrency system works.

The technology needed for Bitcoin to impact the entire economic system is blockchain — an online ledger database of every transaction that has ever occurred during the usage of a particular cryptocurrency. …

Make Your Life Easier with Psyche Coin

“The future of money is digital currency”, quoted by Bill Gates [1]. If we think closely we will see how true this is. In this technologically evolved world, we are highly dependent on digitalization, and this evolution has already digitalized the money and we call it Cryptocurrency. It is now widely used and well-accepted by various authorities. The invention of cryptocurrency was out of necessity and after almost a decade we can feel the urge.

From that necessity, Psyche Coin has born as a faster and more user-friendly cryptocurrency that can be utilized by a child. Creating easy accessibility for everyone is our motivation. The entire cryptography follows a similar method that can be understood only by tech-savvies but Psyche is revolutionizing the potential blockchain technology to follow an easy method that is understandable for everyone. …

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Digital currency requires a solution that’s easy like PayPal, fast like Blockchain, trustable like everyday system. There should be a fixed price if they’re being used as currency or payment transactions. Users must know how much to send and how much they expect to receive. A simple process where a grandfather should be able to send money $100.00 USD to his grandson using Blockchain from his cellphone. This is what technology should do. The solution has to streamline the process, intuitive to use, and convenient. …

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In light of recent events around the world and the ongoing pandemic that we are experiencing, it has become clearer than ever the need for a major overhaul to our financial systems and the weaknesses that exist within various currencies and financial systems around the world. Cryptocurrency has always presented a verifiably better way to do finance, but the spotlight has truly turned on alternative payment methods in the age of turbulence and the current worldwide crisis. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence, but only a few that are uniquely and adequately positioned to actually provide benefit to people all around the world in the form of a more affordable, fast, and secure payment system. …


Psyche Coin

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